Get Out of the Doldrums

Start Rowing

We hear about someone being in the “doldrums” and pretty much equate that with being in some kind of general funk. Referring to Wikipedia, when it is said of a person,  it usally means listless, despondent, inactive, stagnant, or in a slump.

However in the days of the great sailing ships, it referred to a physical location  just north of the equator where the region’s light, shifting, and sometimes completely absent winds were notorious for trapping sailing ships for days (or even weeks) without enough wind to power their sails.

That is how much of society feels today. They don’t have enough wind to power their sails. They feel no movement forward and see no apparent way to get up to speed. Fortunately that need not be the case at all, because we can sharpen up, improve our lot and feel better doing it. So, yes, you can “get out of the doldrums”.

There are structured, focused ways to do it.  Whether your goal is  to expand your all around abilities, to shatter self-limiting beliefs,  or to step up your self esteem and thinking ability, strong new science gives us the good news.

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